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*B Erinwood's Knightcap AI

Knightcap might be the most exciting buck we have created so far. Being an AI son out of +*B GCH TX Twincreeks FAX Summerknight and our most proven Lost Valley CAS Margarita 1*M EX 90, we think this is a buck with a future ahead of him. He will be heavily used.

Click HERE to see his pedigree

Summerbird rear.jpg

Knightcap's paternal half sister GCH Phoenix Farm Summer Bird EX 91 EEEE

Knightcap's maternal half sister Erinwood's Rosella

STF Margarita.jpg

Dam - Lost Valley CAS Margarita 1*M EX 90 EVEE at 8!

Summer Knight.jpg

Sire- +*B GCH TX TwinCreeks FAX Summerknight

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