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*B Erinwood's Kronos Atlas AI

We wanted to breed our best doe Wren to keep a more unrelated buck, and when looking at things to improve we liked what Kronos had to offer. The Glen Mythos herd is widely known for beautiful, correct, high appraising goats and we are so lucky to have gotten Atlas and his sister. The first Atlas kids are beautiful.

We have semen marketed with Blue Mountain Genetics 5/$150

Click HERE to see her pedigree

Atlas as a yearling in 2023

Sire as a yearling - SGCH +*B Glen-Mythos Kronos LA 90 VEE - photo courtesy of Here be Goats

Dam -SGCH Honey Road KWD Wren 7*M EX 91 EEEE

Paternal granddam - GCH Glen Mythos Clytemnestra 2*M EX 90 EEEE - photo courtesy of Here be Goats

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