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*B Vineyard View Floyd Caymus

Caymus came to us spring of 2022 when we were looking for a buck that would add production as well as strong feet and legs. He is linebred on the influential buck SG +*B Rockin-CB KR Hoku and his dam appraised 90 at 2! His paternal granddam was the first place milking yearling at 2019 Nationals.

We have semen marketed with Blue Mountain Genetics 5/$150

Click HERE to see her pedigree

Milking Get of Sire for SG +*B Rockin-CB KR Hoku - photo courtesy of Vineyard View Dairy Goats

Dam -Vineyard View Hoku Caldera 1*M LA 90 VVEE at 3 years - photos courtesy of Vineyard View

Paternal granddam - SG Vineyard View Hoku Brick House 3*M LA 1-06 89 VEVE, 1st place yearling 2019 Nationals - Photos Courtesy of Vineyard View

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